Spine Grid

Spine Grid "Vertebrata"

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Hand Signed, numbered, with certificate of authenticity.  Classic Prints Series

18" x 24"  amd 30 x 40 starting at $500.00 however this item is now on sale for a promotional price for a limited time only while supplies last.  Some Classic Prints are in Color while others are done in Black and White only. All original artwork by Bernard Boffi.

They are printed on an EPSON large format printer using archival pigment on somerset paper. They are in editions of 1 over 20 or 1 over 100. Prints can be configured in any size from 18x24 up to 30 x 40. Larger sized prints are in a price range of about $1500.00 - $2500.00. See website www.bernardboffi.com for more detailed information and essay by Donald Kuspit.  Email for pricing inquiries and title biography: oliverboffi@gmail.com  We offer discounts on large quantity bulk orders.