Large Scale Outdoor and Indoor Sculpture Installations

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We offer a variety of custom made interior decorationg with unique stainless steel indoor sculptures, Large Scale Outdoor Sculpture that we have made using Iron, Steel, Alluminum Alloy, Sheet Metal as well as Cast Iron and composite materials. We offer a wide variety of types and sizes of both indoor and outdoor sculpture.  Currently we are seeking private investors and venture capitalists who are interested in financing a large outdoor sculpture project consisting of some rather expensive materials. We can offer a very generous commission on the sale of this large outdoor sculpture. We would like to weld it using stainless steel.  Our indoor sculpture can be rented for screenings of our vintage Avante Garde films and for parties as per request.  We can project some of our films onto the walls of any large indoor space.  Just onne of our indoor stainless steel sculpture installations makes for a thrilling ambiance that is  ideal for entertaining, hosting large gatherings, poetry readings, exhibitions and weddings. We are very fond of using stainless steel wire, guitar strings and cast iron.   Venture capitalists and private investors who are interested supporting one of Boffi Studio Fine Art Gallery's next  and largest ever built outdoor sculptures may send an email to